The Ford 2017 Escape: Make Car Seat Installation Smoother

Car seats are made for safety, not fun. In fact, many parents could tell you that there aren't many things less fun than putting a car seat in a car. While the 2017 Ford Escape can't make car seat installation a more entertaining experience, it definitely makes it an easier one. In fact, awarded the Escape a perfect score in car seat tests.

What did the Escape get so right? The little things. Many cars, for instance, do a poor job of implementing necessities like latches. The latches (and tether anchors!) in the 2017 Escape are positioned to be easily found and easily used.

The Escape's five-seat interior is also comfortably spacious, providing more than enough room for a variety of car seats in different configurations. During the tests, front seat passengers didn't even lose any substantial leg room after a car seat had been installed.

The great thing about the 2017 Escape is that it doesn't just get the little things right. It gets a whole lot of big things right too. To find out more about the Escape, stop into J. Wilderman Autoplex in Mount Carmel, IL. Our experts can tell you all about the Escape as well as the rest of our inventory of new 2017 cars.


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