Keep Food in Place When Traveling

If you are planning on visiting friends and family this holiday season, chances are that you will be traveling with food. We want to remind you from all of us here at J. Wilderman Autoplex to travel safe and to leave yourself plenty of time to reach your destination. You never want to travel when you feel rushed.

Keep in mind that during the holiday season, there will be more people on the road and the weather conditions may be worse as well. Be sure to pack your food items in containers that have tight-fitting lids and to put your containers in insulated bags. You can also use a box lined with towels to act as an insulator. You should also secure food with a seatbelt or have a passenger hold onto food so that it stays in place. You can wedge food in place with luggage so that it stays put.

Come to our dealership here in Mount Carmel, IN for extra holiday travel advice. We want to see you very soon!

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