Keep Clean Air Circulating Inside of Your Car

Your car has an air filter that helps it filter out dust and particulates so that it runs smoothly. Most newer cars are now equipped with cabin air filters that keep dirt and pollen from the interior of the car. Both of these features require filter replacement at scheduled intervals.

Most car manufacturers recommend that you change the air filter in your car at least every 15,000 miles. You may need to do it more often if you frequently drive in dusty areas. You should plan on replacing your cabin air filters every 15 to 25,000 miles. Some manufacturers recommend every 30,000 miles. These filters should be changed more frequently if you notice that they are very dirty.

If you have questions about the air filters in your car, contact the service department at J. Wilderman Autoplex here in Mount Carmel, IL. The service department can tell you what filters you need and when they should be replaced.

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