2018 Ram ProMaster V-6 Pentastar Engine is Made for All-Season Performance

Hauling your valuable fright or merchandise is a job that the 2018 Ram ProMaster does well. This capable freight handling van includes in its design many features that can make it easy for you to make your deliveries in fair weather or foul.

The 2018 Ram ProMaster sports a powerful 280-horsepower motor that is capable of hauling more than 2-tons of cargo. Selected models come equipped with engine block heaters that can get their powerful motors up and running even when temperatures are at their wintry extremes. In addition to optional engine block heating, the ProMaster oil filtration system only requires fluid changes every 10,000 miles. This feature promotes all-season reliability and can also significantly reduce your maintenance costs.

At our Ram dealership, we have several new Ram ProMaster vans available for customer test drives. To see the difference that the Pentastar motor can make, come by J. Wilderman Autoplex today for a no-obligation test drive.



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