Do You Know Why Your Tire Pressure Light is on?

It is difficult trying to tell if the pressure in your tires is correct just by looking at them. The good news is that most late model cars come equipped with a Tire Pressure Monitoring System. This system is designed to constantly monitor the air pressure in all four tires and warns the driver by way of an illuminated light when it goes below the acceptable minimum level.

Our auto parts and repair team wants you to know that it is dangerous driving on underinflated tires because it can stress the tires so much that they fail. This failure can come in the form of a blowout which can put you at risk for having an accident.

That makes the TPMS a very important system on your vehicle and there are other reasons to keep an eye out for the warning signal. Low tires wear out sooner than those that are properly inflated and they cause your car to use more gasoline as well. Stop by and let our professionals help you learn more about the TPMS today.