Features to Love About Ford Co-Pilot360

Ford Co-Pilot360 is a dynamic suite of driver-assist technologies slated to be standard on all new Ford models by late 2019. Leading up the official debut of Ford Co-Pilot360, we here at J. Wilderman Autoplex are busy examining the suite and discussing each of its masterful components. To give you an idea of the suite, here are two features we love.

The Lane Keeping System is a threefold technology intended to enhance and support driver vigilance. Steering wheel vibration indicates when you're veering close to lane markers. Steering torque helps you steer back to the center of your lane. Another feature entails a forward-looking camera that monitors your driving patterns, causing visual and audio warnings to occur if your driving patterns stray from normal or outside of lane lines.

We love Auto High Beam because it toggles between low and high beams on its own so we can stay focused on driving. The feature is linked to a forward-facing camera mounted behind the rear view mirror. The camera detects oncoming headlights up to 2,000 feet away, switching from high to low beams, and back to high beams, to prevent blinding oncoming drivers.



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