Overview on the Ford F-150's All-New Diesel Engine

Available with six engines, the Ford F-150 offers more options under the hood than any other pickup truck. You can check out the technical specifications of each signature powertrain at J. Wilderman Autoplex.

Introduced to the lineup in 2019, the 3.0 L Power Stroke engine has been engineered to run on several types of diesel fuels. The Ultra Low Sulfur grade is highly recommended for this six-cylinder engine. However, you can fill the fuel tank with B20, which has lower emissions and other great environmental impacts.

This all-new powertrain has a peak output of 440 pound-feet of torque and 250 horsepower. The Multicore PCM is integrated into the engine control system of the Power Stroke unit. This V6 engine also creates an impressive compression ratio of 16:1, one of the highest in the industry. A fuel economy of 25 MPG on the highway is achieved by the F-150 model with the diesel engine.



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